Martin McKeefery

Driver in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series


2001-07Career Total13140901154 Track Records
2001-03Mini Cup37827312002 Track Champion
2004-05Legends Semi-Pro Oval44192637CA Champion
2005Legends Semi-Pro Road18101818World Champion
2005Russell Racing SchoolFinalist - Scholarship Race
2006Legends Pro Road1421213Third Place World Finals
2006-07410Ci Super Modified1617122006 Rookie of the Year
2007WSSRLPoints Champion
2008-2009NASCAR Camping World
West Series
21First race finished 11th, after
running 6th.
Second race finished 10th.

My name is Martin McKeefery

I have competed in the Camping World West Series for two races with impressive results.

I am pursuing a career as a professional driver

I am looking for a team with aspirations to succeed

For 2010 my goal is to secure the Rookie of the Year Championship

For 2011 I will shoot for the NASCAR Camping World West Championship

I have a full NASCAR license to race at any track.

I am 22 years old and have accumulated 9 years of racing experience in 3 car classes.

I finished my second year racing a Super Modified by wining the 2007 WSSRL Championship. I plan to learn as many different styles of racing to further my knowledge behind a racecar, on and off the track, from chassis characteristics to aerodynamics.

I have experience and championships in both road and oval race cars. I have incorporated my road racing talents into my oval racing and vise versa, by doing this I have noticed substantial changes in my driving style that have lead to faster lap times and a more fluent understanding of driver input.

I am a unique racecar driver, not only do I race but I am also mechanically knowledgeable. Throughout my racing career I have been supported by my family and a few sponsors, but money and budgeting have always been tight. This has required me to go far beyond what a 22-year old is expected to accomplish. Just to name of few accomplishment; I have personally rebuilt a 823 hp Super Modified motor, repaired a large portion of the race car chassis due to an on track mechanical failure, and rebuilt the car from the chassis up for the 2008 season. I have been called by race teams to help crew, I proved to be helpful in solving technical issues. All of the skills I present to a race team along with my on track racing expertise make me a very unique and prized asset to any race team. Although I may understand a large quantity of knowledge I still am open minded to any other ideas or views, because the fastest way for me to learn is to listen, watch and then perform.

A few ways to describe my personality would be:

Smooth on and off the track

A wealth of information of car mechanics and the ability to communicate back to the crew chief how the car is reacting on the racetrack.

Reflex and intuition drives the car, leaving the mind to work strategy and intelligent maneuvers to move the car to the front.

Excellent race judgment, I can avoid wrecks that look impossible to avoid, and I am easy on the equipment.

All of these skills allow me to finish most every race, and to win several championships.

“Always finish what you start”

I enjoy meeting new people in the world of motor sports, and building long-term relationships that are sure to bring success. Racing is interweaved with marketing and promotional stature. Realizing that advertisement plays a big role in motor sports, I push myself to learn speaking skills by attending classes. I am attending college, preparing for a degree to further my interest in mechanical and civil engineering.

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